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Why Do I Need the Church?


This session will focus on why we need the Church, a very interesting and important topic in an increasingly secular world.  Here is a link to the first Symbolon video (about 15 minutes):

Here is the handout for this session:  

I would also recommend this video from Matthew Kelly (about 4 minutes) on being part of the Church as opposed to being spiritual.




Also of value is a video from Bishop Robert Barron on the meaning of the Catholic Church being "the one true Church" relative to other Christian Churches.  The distinction he draws is worth noting (about 2 minutes).









Lastly, for those of you looking for a deep dive, here is a video from Bishop Barron on why what you believe matters (about 9 minutes)

Terms to Know

The Marks of the Church - The Marks of the Church are four qualities by which the Church is identified as the true Church. They are one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. The Church is one in that the members believe the same doctrines, celebrate the same sacraments, and are united under the pope. The Church is holy in Jesus, the founder; the sacraments; and the members. The Church is catholic, which means universal or for all people. The Church is apostolic, which means teaching what Jesus taught as handed on by the Apostles. The Church is also apostolic because the leaders, the pope and bishops, trace their authority back to the Apostles.

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