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The Bible

Our next session will focus on the Bible.  Please view the first video of Episode 3 of Symbolon (about 10 minutes).  Here is a link to the webpage:

Here is a copy of the handout for this session.      Additionally, please review this excerpt from the book, The Bible Compass.    


For a brief overview of what the Bible is and what it is not, take a look at this video:











For those of you who are looking to go a little deeper into how to read the Bible, I invite you to view a video by Bishop Robert Barron (about 8 minutes) called "Pope Benedict and How to Read the Bible.":


Terms to Know

Canon -  The catalog of inspired writings known as the Old and New Testaments, identified as such by the Church

Literarily - Considering the literary genre, historical context, and modes of feeling, speaking and narrating utilized in a writing to determine the author's intent. 

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