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Mary and the Saints

This session will focus on Mary and the Saints.  Here is the handout for this session:  

Below is a brief general discussion of Mary:





Here is a link to the first video from Symbolon which explains who Mary is and who Mary is not:

Lastly here is a video (7 minutes) which addresses the misconception that Catholics "worship" Mary and the Saints:

Terms to Know

Dogma - A solemnly defined teaching of the Church to be believed by all. This teaching is either revealed clearly in Scripture or Tradition, or it is implied. For example, the Immaculate Conception of Mary is dogma, although it is not explicitly stated in Scripture that she was sinless from the moment of her conception.

Marian Dogmas - There are four defined dogmas of the Faith concerning Our Lady’s divine prerogatives. They are: 1) Her Immaculate Conception, 2) Her Perpetual Virginity, 3) Her Divine Maternity, and 4) Her Glorious Assumption.

intercession - A prayer for other people. Jesus, Mary, and the saints intercede for us. We intercede for people on earth, and they intercede for us. We also intercede for the people in Purgatory. During the Eucharist most of the prayers in the Universal Prayer, or Prayer of the Faithful, are prayers of intercession.

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